The Importance of Outreach

Denise Toth is our current Outreach Trainee.  She has learned a great deal over the last two months in working to find housing for those living outside.  She is learning about all the services available and trying to encourage people to come inside.  Denise is building a trusting relationship with those outside everyday in Cleveland. We are hosting a series of videos with outreach workers to demonstrate how important this service is to Cuyahoga County.

NEOCH is trying to show the value of outreach services in our community.  The federal government has been reducing its commitment to supportive services, but we want to show how important is to keep in touch with people discouraged from "the system."  We want to try to reach people who choose not to go to shelter and are struggling to make it through the winter.  We are out on the streets helping to keep people alive, but also to not waste their talents living outside.  This program is funded by the Community West Foundation.

Brian Davis