News on Homelessness in America

Mother Jones has a nice take on the Food Ban in Ft. Lauderdale here.

More arrests in support of the anti-feeding ban in Ft. Lauderdale. This article includes the Orwellian response from the City indicating that this law helps homeless and hungry people?

More arrests and tickets after a demonstration in front of the Mayor's House.  An individual can give out food, but a religious group cannot give out food outside.

We detailed a lack of beds for Domestic Violence beds in Cleveland, and the New York Times looks at the  problem in one of America's largest cities

Alabama looks at homeless children in the Huntsville School District.  These are frequent features in high poverty areas, but elected officials in the deep South rarely take on solutions to these issues.

NEOCH recently hired a female veteran who has struggled with homelessness. There is a national story about the rise in female veterans facing homelessness in the United States.

The Veterans Administration is on a one year deadline to end homelessness among vets.  They are really going to have to bring every partner together to reach the hardest to serve individuals who have been exiled from the system for years if this goal will be real.

We have no idea where Manteca California is located, but they are banning people living outside.  This would be great if they guaranteed safe decent housing inside, but that never happens. 

Brian Davis

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