CAHA Meeting Cancelled for Monday

We have written about the desire by Cuyahoga Suburban Development staff to learn the addresses of those who live in the suburbs and receive rental assistance from EDEN (mentally ill and other disabled clients).  We have developed a petition to respond to this invasion of privacy on the website.  We are still collecting signatures here... to sign in support of getting the suburban government out of the business of monitoring the addresses of the disabled.  The staff at First Suburbs Consortium after reading the petition and hearing concerns asked to be put on the agenda for the Cuyahoga Affordable Housing Alliance Meeting.  There was not room on the December meeting agenda, but we made space for the Monday January 6, 2014 CAHA meeting for a fuller discussion.  Right before Christmas, staff of the First Suburbs Consortium dropped out of the meeting. 

We have decided to cancel the CAHA meeting for Monday and move forward with our regular agenda for the February 3, 2013 meeting at 1:30 pm at 1350 Euclid Ave.  It is a shame that the housing community will not have a chance to put the issues on the table and hear the reasons for this information and the reasons that so many oppose this invasion of privacy.  NEOCH staff hope that this issue is dead in 2014 and the First Suburbs will not be asking for this information in the future.  

Brian Davis

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