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Edwardo talking to Media at CamelotEveryday I drive by the former Ward Bakery construction site at East 47th and Chester and view the building going on to develop a new headquarters for the Third District Police and wonder will the new building be haunted by the ghosts of Edwardo and Chief.   If people don't remember we have a number of stories in our Grapevine archive about the property called "Camelot" by a group of homeless people who lived there in peace for a couple of years.  There was a standoff between the police and homeless people when Mayor Michael White order the property cleared.  Lawyers (including our current Interim Executive Director) took the case to court, and while in the Justice Center that morning Mayor White ordered the wrecking ball to begin to tear down the building making the case moot.  This underhanded and dirty political move was not viewed favorably by the court, but the building was unsafe for the people to return to at the end of the day.  Since that time, Chief and Edwardo both passed away.  Are they still occupying that land and will they haunt the third district headquarters when the building is done?

Arnold Pinkney died yesterday.   He was a Civil Rights icon in Cleveland.   Here is a quiz which one of the politicians who were under the wing of Pinkney is not like the others: Mayor Frank Jackson, Jesse Jackson, Louis Stokes, Mayor Michael White, and Mayor Carl Stokes?  All were helped into office by Arnold Pinkney running a populist campaign.  One violated the population by becoming increasingly isolated, surrounding himself with people who were interested in enriching themselves, and turned on the people who elected him such as homeless people.  No points for a correct answer.

Brian Davis

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