School Contacts Updated

It is state and federal law that every school district assign one staff person to interact with children and young people struggling with their housing.  These homeless liaisons will help to keep a child from having their school disrupted if their family losing their housing during the school year.  They will find the best placement for the child either in their school of origin or in a new school if there are domestic violence issues.  These liaisons will make every effort to provide transportation and a safe return to school as soon as possible for the child. 

Every year we update the contact sheet so that families will know who they can go to in order to get help.   We have posted the updated contacts for this school year under our "Find Help" section.  These liaisons can help with transportation, uniforms, tutors, or other materials to help with a return to school.  The goal is to keep the student from falling behind in their classes.  So even if their home life is disrupted the liaisons can help to make sure that the student's academic life does not spiral out of control.  If your familiy is struggling with housing in Cuyahoga County contact the liaison for your children's school district  to see if they can help.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the McKinney law or the obligations for a school district to not disrupt a child's education.  By the way, the charter schools also must assign a homeless liaison to help, but there are too many for us to track.  Contact the principal for the charter school to find out the name of the homeless liaison.  

Brian Davis

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