New Street Chronicle Available

The new issue of the Street Chronicle is available and on the streets of Cleveland.  Make sure you pick one up from your favorite local vendor.  They are available on the streets of Cleveland and always at the West Side Market.  There are some fantastic photos from the rally down in Columbus asking for Medicaid expansion, the pancake breakfast, and the new vendor uniforms.   There are stories from each of the vendors of the paper.  There are news stories about the Homeless Congress and the new Cleveland Foodbank program.  We have a couple of poems including one by our departed friend Daniel Thompson.  The paper has a number of commentaries about homelessness.  It looks really sharp thanks to Brent who does all the layout and  PM Graphics for printing the paper.   We have also added a photo album on our Facebook page with our vendors.  Like us on our Clevelandhomeless page on Facebook. 

Brian Davis

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