Cleveland Endorses National Housing Trust

At the May 13, Cleveland City Council meeting the members passed a resolution in support of HR 1213, the Common Sense Housing Investment Act of 2013.  The goal is to get all of our local Congressional members to endorse this campaign.  The United for Homes campaign under the direction of the National Low Income Housing Coalition worked over the last few years to develop a strategy to fund the National Housing Trust.  Congress created the trust, but the funding source collapsed as the 2008 housing bubble burst.  They put their heads together and proposed a reform of the mortgage interest deduction so that some of the proceeds go to develop affordable housing.

Congressman Ellison of Minnesota proposed a law to reform the mortgage deduction and his bill would expand funding to CMHA, the Housing Choice Voucher program, the National Housing Trust, and expand the tax credit program.  We have posted a copy of the City of Cleveland resolution on our website under May 2013 in our advocacy section (just click on the pdf to circulate or view the resolution.)  We hope that Congresswomen Fudge and Kaptur will sign on to the resolution.  We hope that Cuyahoga County will pass a similar resolution. 

PS: We have to thank Rachel, staff of Councilman Joe Cimperman, for quickly getting this to the Council.  Also, Councilman Cimperman was very gracious in moving this to the floor for a vote before the summer vacation.

Brian Davis

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