New Paper on the Streets

Support Your Local St reet Vendors

The new Cleveland Street Chronicle is on the streets right now.  As the West Side Market reopens on Monday, a brand new paper will be on the streets.  A few of the highlights from this paper include:

  • A look at the new Central Kitchen for shelters
  • There is a profile of Kathy Kazol who has led EDEN development corporation for over 20 years.
  • Most of the West Side Market vendors wrote stories for the paper.
  • There are statistics and photos from the Hand Up Gala as well as the Homeless Memorial Day.
  • We have a feature and photos on the Homeless Stand Down 2013.
  • There is an interview with the ACLU about the rights of poor people within the County Justice Center.

 The paper is sold on the streets for $1.25 and vendors purchase the paper for 35 cents.  The vendors keep the profits.  We are going to announce an improvement in the vending program in the next two weeks. 

Brian Davis

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