Petition Update

I don't understand how the petition to bring "Brian Griffin--the Dog" back to the Fox TV Show Family Guy has 96,000 people signing on to the, while important petitions about the right to privacy among tenants living in the suburbs of Cleveland has only 29 supporters.  A talking cartoon dog is funny, but asking the suburbs of Cleveland to follow the law should be a no brainer.  Besides, its a cartoon dog that can talk, the writers can bring Brian the Dog back anytime they want in a fantasy world.  We are petitioning a real issue that could have negative consequence for real people in the suburbs.  Just click here if you have not signed this petition yet

In case you did not see our original post, we are asking people to sign the petition to protect the rights of disabled people wanting to live in the suburbs of Cleveland.  Suburban community development agencies want to require that EDEN inc. disclose the addresses (thus where disabled people live within their suburbs).   We oppose government demanding to know where tax payers live just because the federal government pays their rent.  This is a form of discrimination, intimidation, and a huge invasion of privacy.  We fear that it could cause landlords to not want to rent to people with EDEN housing vouchers or it could risk disabled tenants becoming the target of hate crimes.  Once this list of addresses is given to a government, it is impossible to keep this information secure and confidential.   Landlords will not want to be identified by the local government or neighbors as serving mentally ill or fomerly addicted individuals.   Please sign the petition to ask that the suburbs not seek personal information about tenants in violation of the fair housing law.

Brian Davis

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