Medicaid Expansion Update

As expected the Governor was sued over his decision to expand Medicaid.  Will this be decided before January when people begin to see the benefits of the expansion.  The Plain Dealer has posted a story that the case is on the fast track, but it still provides uncertainty in the system.  All new expansions of government are rocky at first, but these obstacles seem impossible.  People get nervous over change, but it is amazing how so many rational people are trying to keep people from obtaining health care. 

There are now 15 states that are not participating for no other reason than they do not like the President.  There are an additional 7 leaning toward not expanding purely for political reasons.  There is no reason to not accept the federal dollars to expand Medicaid except spite. 21 states have now agreed, and the other states are still trying to figure something out. Will people with chronic health conditions who are poor move to other states?  Will there be a backlash in some of these states over not accepting millions in federal dollars to improve the health of the citizenry?

Brian Davis

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