Elected Officials Assist With Hand Up Gala

County Councilman Dale MillerIt was nice to see two elected officials showed up to serve the homeless and hungry at the Hand Up Gala. County Councilman Dale Miller attended and helped to serve.  Also, Ohio House member Marlene Anielski rolled up her sleeves and put on the mandatory hair nets to serve the population.   The purpose of this event is to turn on its head the traditional silent auction conducted by most non-profits.  Instead of having our members dress up and go to a nice dinner to hear a speaker and eat rubbery chicken, we flipped the fundraiser around.  We have a nice meal for 200 of our constituents and served by the politicians who would have normally been speaking at a similar event. 

Roy Love, Board President of NEOCH, served as well, and CEO Patrick  Gareau the President and CEO of Catholic Charities also donated his time to serve the meal. State Rep. Marlene Aneilski  Angela Shuckahose, the Director of CTO volunteered as did social service providers, Jim Schlecht and Toni Johnson.  There were staff and board members from Catholic Charities including Sr. Kathleen and Father Robert J. Kropac of St. Peter's Church next door both assisted with serving the population.  We could never pull this off without the wonderful volunteers who gave of their time to this unique event.  

For those who want to support the Hand Up Gala, you can donate through October 30, 2013 to participate in the auction.   You can send in a donation or right on the website (mark Hand Up Gala in the purpose section.)  The proceeds from the event are split between the two organizations.  The Bishop Cosgrove Center are using their funds to support the Transformational Art Center and we are using our funds for the outreach services that we oversee. I can't say enough about how beautiful the Cosgrove Center was on Friday and how great the food was this year.  We will have more on this in the near future.  Check out the photos on our Facebook page.

Brian Davis

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