New Street Newspaper Available

The brand new paper is out on the streets this week.  It features a few quality news stories in the paper including an article about what happens when your family cannot afford to bury you.  There is a new article about the attempt by homeless people to pass legislation to oversee the shelters.   Check it out now by purchasing a paper. 

We do not post the articles on our website until the vendors have a chance to make money from the sale of the paper.  There is always a vendor at the West Side Market with papers and usually you can find someone downtown. 

Other articles in the paper include a profile of 2100 Lakeside staff Ron Register and the latest poverty stats from the US Census.   One of my favorite articles in the Street Chronicle #20.4 is from Kim, a longtime vendor.  She writes nearly every issue, but this article is especially touching because it discusses the death of the woman who gave birth to her.  Artie Jr. is back with the paper and he has written again.  The other vendors also wrote about their favorite West Side Market food vendor and what it is like living in a house after years of homelessness.  

We have some wonderful poetry this month from Ben, Steven, Brenda, and Larry.  There are two articles that focus on homelessness and poverty in the rural communities of Northwest Ohio.  Alexander Hamilton delivers another commentary for the paper and Angelo has an article directed at those living on the streets.  It is a really nice issue thanks to Brent who does a great job on the layout.  Please support one of the most effective alternatives to panhandling locally by purchasing a street newspaper from your favorite vendor.

Brian Davis

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