Veterans Street Card

We have published the updated Veterans Street Card this month.  With the new funding for ending homelessness among veterans a great deal has changed over the last year.  The new Veteran's Street Card includes the 1-800 number for those need help.  There is the new Family Services grant for Mental Health Services and the new Central Resource Center that opened for Veterans are all on the new Street Card.  Feel free to print out the Street Card and make as many copies as you want.   The Street Card has all the services available to veterans on one piece of paper.  It has bus routes to the facilities and gives an overview of the services at each facility.  

My staff and I got to tour the new Central Resource Center for the VA.  It is located at a newly renovated building at 7000 Euclid Ave.   The paint is still fresh and the furniture has yet to be broken in.   They have space for community groups to come in and consult with veterans.  The VA staff would prefer that newly homeless individuals start their path back to stability.  The facility is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and they encourage veterans and those who work with veterans to send them over if they need help.  All of the diverse programs that the Veterans Administration oversees from medical to treatment to employment assistance can all be accessed through this Center.   Even non VA funded projects that serve Veterans such as the Veterans Service Commission and VOA veterans programs can be found at the Center.  They are building their programming and their schedule for partners utilizing the site.   There are veterans meeting at the facility regularly and the place has not even been open one month. It is a nice entry point for those who gave a piece of their life to defend and protect the Constitution as a member of the US Military.  I would have liked to see a similar pleasant atmosphere for the non-veterans Central Intake site instead of locating it in a shelter as we have done in Cleveland, but the veterans have a really nice facility.

Brian Davis

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