Long Time Friend Retires

Continue Life is a small shelter on the border of Cleveland and East Cleveland that serves young mothers.  They have always been one of the few facilities that has trained staff to serve pregnant women who happen to be homeless.  Their long time director, Balinda Cavor announced her retirement on September 10, 2012.   Ms. Cavor was always a good friend of the Coalition, and has collaborated on a number of projects over the years. 

Continue Life was a partner with Bridging the Gap, Community Voice Mail, the Street Card, and most importantly advocacy and policy work.  Continue Life is always willing to help on issues facing young mothers including welfare reform, HUD funding, and affordable housing issues.  Balinda worked for 22 years at Continue Life and has seen some tough times over those years.  She has kept her focus on helping young mothers as they struggle to find stable housing.

"Balinda has been an invaluable resource and an integral part of the organization.  She demonstrated her commitment, dedication and devotion to the mission of Continue Life over 22 years of service.  The Board members will deeply miss Balinda"     ---said Board President Kenyokee Crowell

Interim executive director, Fannie Johnson Baxter, will lead the organization during this transition.  She has worked as an adjunct professor at Cleveland State University as well as working at Applewood, Beech Brook, and YWCA.   Ms. Cavor has always been a strong advocate for her clients, which is one area we need more of in this community.  She was always willing to raise her voice to oppose policies or budget cuts that would have a negative impact on homeless moms.   NEOCH will also miss Ms. Cavor.

Brian Davis

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