One Million Searches

NEOCH is co-administrator of the website, along with 211/First Call for Help.  This affordable housing website contains around 2,000 available units.  Last week we reached a milestone with over 1 million searches having been conducted over the last year.  There were over 140,000 unique users who conducted these searches.  We had been getting close to the one million mark at the end of the year, but did not reach it until last Wednesday March 28, 2012.  Here are some statistics on Housing  We need to congratulate all the organizations including the City and County who met eight years ago to find the funding for the site.  We have now gone over one million searches over the last 12 months and more than 3.25 searches since the site went live in 2005.  We could not have done it without Nina, Meghan, and Van at Social who manage the site along with the housing search websites in over 30 states.  This is an amazing service for the community and a tremendous deal for the community.  For under $30,000 per year, we get the website, a call center, and special needs functions for case workers to use in the community.  Your tax dollars at work helping people find housing in our community.

Brian Davis

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