Everything is Working

Check out the new Website!!!

Photo by Toni Anderson

The new site is up and everything (including our e-mail) is working.  Please explore.  Thanks to Lightcomm and Jesse for all his hard work on the new site.  A couple of notes on the new site include the pictures on the front page are from the Grapevine photography project in which a series of professional photographers taught homeless people the art of photography.  The Cleveland Homeless blog will remain as an archive with only a summary of new entries, but this new blog will be regularly updated.   We are going to move the Grapevine archive onto the new site slowly but surely.  We are also going to move some of our old reports onto the site.  The big improvement is that members of NEOCH have their own section, which has our advocacy newsletters and will have the most up to date information.   Please let us know what you think.  A couple of things on the site:

The Board and staff are proud of the new site, but what do you think?

Brian Davis

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