NEOCH Will Help With Voting on Election Day

We have distributed a flyer to all the local shelters offering help with getting out voters.  We are offering a free ride over to polling places anywhere in Northeast Ohio.   NEOCH will be on the phones the entire day answering questions about homeless participation in the election, registration information on clients, and the exact ID needed in order to vote.  We can offer a ride out to Summit County, Geauga County or Lake County if the voter was not able to change their registration because they became homeless over the last 30 days.  We can offer help if a client is challenged at the polling place and needs assistance or does not understand why they are being forced to vote a provisional ballot. Give us a call if you need help with voting or you have questions about identification, provisional ballots, residency laws or anything, and we will find an answer 216-432-0540.

Here is a copy of the flyer if you work at a facility and may need help.

Brian Davis