Updates on Voting

"Democracy dies in the dark" was a phrase that Judge Algenon Marbley mentioned a couple of times in our hearing last week.  He was concerned that the Ohio Secretary of State issued a directive on Friday November 2 in the evening that could disenfranchise thousands of voters.  He issued this directive without consulting the groups who had successfully sued him over provisional ballots.  There was a great article in the Atlantic about this issue, and we posted an overview of the hearing here.

We also posted our recommendations for changing the voting procEarly Voting line in Ohio on November 3 lasted 45 minutes in Cuyahoga Countyedures to better serve the public and a lament that at least we are not as bad as Florida.  Imagine that after all the voter suppression activities, lawsuits, long lines, and confusion, Ohio fared better than citizens in Florida. 

Brian Davis

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