Well, At Least We Are Not Florida...

We had long lines, but at least we were not as bad as Florida.  Ohioans had to wait for hours on the final weekend of early voting, but not anywhere near as long as Florida.  The results were not released locally until 11:05 p.m., but that is better than 11 a.m. four days after the election as they were in Florida.   We had a court fight on the day after the election, while Florida will have to settle a number of lawsuits over this election.   We have two state representatives in which the races are narrow thin margins of victory, while Florida had two federal races that were not called for four days. 

We need real election reform in the United States with a law passed or a series of laws passed or even a Constitutional amendment to make our election fair.   Our recommended changes include:

  • Elimination of the Electoral College so that the President is elected by national popular vote.
  • Elimination of gerrymandering in the creation of legislative districts by removing it from the oversight by any one political party.  There should be a law that both political parties including independents must come to a consensus on legislative districts.
  • Standards for early voting across the United States as well as military voting and vote by mail provisions.
  • There should be standards for registering people to vote including the ability to register to vote on election day.
  • There should be free national identification that can be used for people to register to vote.
  • No one should have to wait more than one half hour to vote in person, and this should be a national standard with consequences for long waits.
  • People should be taxed at a higher rate if they decide not to vote.
  • People should be allowed to vote a county wide ballot at any polling place if they do not want to cast a vote for local items or local elected officials. 
  • Voting should be done in whatever manner yields the most secure ballot with a paper backup and a way to count the ballots quickly. 
  • Money is not speech.  We need public financing of campaigns and guaranteed access by the candidates to the local and national networks.  We own the air waves, and they need to be given over to electing our leaders once a year. 

More to come