Feeding the Homeless

By Arthur Price Jr.

West 58th Church of God does a lot to help the homeless and the poor. They go to the nursing homes and talk to the people and pray for them. The Church takes the youth to the nursing home where they give the residents stuffed animals and spend time with them. They take the elderly who is able to travel on field trips to local events and revivals.

The Church takes food and items to the sick and shut in. It’s like meals on wheels. They visit the people and pray for them. Some people even got saved before they died. There was a lady who was 93 years old. She gave her heart to God. The pastor told me if someone dies in your house you got to open your windows so the spirt can leave the house. The pastor is 93 years old. He was in the Army.

The Church gives out bread and have a food pantry. They serve meals to the homeless Wednesday through Friday. They give out clothes and shoes. They also give out hygiene products. They do a lot to help the community. 

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