Taking Life One Day at a Time To Take Care of My Health

by Jennifer Black

The doctors found a spot on my right lung. After 2 months, another scan revealed that the spot was gone! I go back for another scan in 3 months. I’m making it one day at a time.

I’m less healthy in the winter; my emphysema makes it harder for me to breathe. Medicine helps keep me comfortable. I feel better now that the weather changed. I’m getting more rest. I’m also eating better. I stopped eating pork and I’m eating less red meat.

Sometimes in the summer, I pass out from the heat. I’ve learned to wear a cap or a hat to protect myself from the sun. People will ask if I need anything, and sometimes, they bring me coffee and hot chocolate in the winter, and cold water and juice in the summer. It’s nice to know that there are people, regular customers and the vendors, looking out for me.

My mother and I hadn’t talked for about five months, but we’ve been communicating a lot more often lately. I’m happy about that. I’ve been spending more time with her, and also with my daughter and my grandson.

I’m also happy about the fact that the weather is getting better. Work is good. I have fun at the market – talking to the regulars, meeting new people. It gives me something to look forward to. Now that the weather is getting better, more people are coming out which means more people to meet and to talk to.

When the weather breaks, you get more smiles. Summertime is when people really come out! Everyone loves the sunshine.  People stop and talk about their plans for the summer. Visitors to Cleveland are always eager to talk. I’m excited and pumped!

Although I enjoy my work, it’s not about the money, it’s about my health! If I don’t feel well, but have a shift the next day, I’ll call off because my health is more important. I try to not let health issues stop me, and I hope others don’t let health issues stop them.

Let’s all try to stay happy and healthy!

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronical and NEOCH June 2015