Commentary: Thousands of People are Losing their Lives Due to Gun Violence

Commentary by Tammy Hobbs

It is so sad to hear of all the lives being cut short due to gun violence. It is also scary. I couldn’t imagine losing a loved one or a friend due to gun violence. Bullets don’t have eyes, and anyone can lose their life because of a gun.

Babies and children are also losing their lives because of gun violence because parents choose to have guns in their homes. Young children are finding the guns, and thinking that they are toys, shoot themselves and others in the home by accident.

Put down the guns and fight like a man! You don’t need guns to solve problems!  Life is so precious. Families are making funeral arrangements every day. Please get rid of the guns for everyone’s safety. What is it going to take to stop the gun violence? Stop it now before it’s too late!

Tomorrow is never promised.  Say “no” to guns. Today.

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronical and NEOCH June 2015