Hunger and Homelessness Faced By Thousands Everyday

By Tammy Hobbs

There are two major issues in the world today: Hunger and Homelessness. Thousands of people every day go hungry. I know personally what it is like to go hungry. Every day people lose their jobs and are forced to choose between shelter, food, clothing and other life essentials. Even though people are going hungry, we have a lot of resources in Cleveland where people can get a meal. Just a few examples are The West Side Catholic Center, St. Patrick’s , St. Augustine’s, The Cosgrove Center, St. Malachi’s and St. Herman’s. Everyday these organizations feed thousands of people. Even though a lot of people do experience hunger, many people do not. Some people become selfish with their food and very wasteful of the food they do not eat. It upsets me that large fast food chains just throw away their food with no concern for all the people that do go hungry every day. This food should be given to people who are going hungry. If I were to ever become wealthy, I would feed the world because no one should have to go hungry.

Homelessness is another major issue in today’s society. People for a long time have painted an image of a homeless person as an older man, who is dirty and their clothes are worn away. Even though this stereotype can be true, what people fail to realize is that anyone can be homeless. Homelessness is not a race, a gender or an age. It can affect anyone. I know plenty of people who are educated and I would have never guessed that they were homeless.  One should never look down on a homeless person. They will not understand why they are experiencing homelessness. Just think the next time you look down on a homeless person, remember this could be you.

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