Beware! Sometimes People Take Advantage of Your Good Will

By Jennifer Black

While my daughter was in the Cuyahoga County Jail, she became friends with an inmate that was about to be released. This inmate had four kids and she had nowhere to go once she was released from jail. My daughter asked me if I would take this friend we will call “Michelle” in while she got back on her feet again. With my kind heart, I said yes. 

My daughter, “Michelle” and I all met at the IX center so I could get a chance to get to know her. She seemed like a very nice lady that was just down on her luck. I invited Michelle and her children to come live with me even though I did not have the room. I only have a one bedroom apartment but we made it work. What I would come to find out though is that she was a thief.

Michelle stole my jewelry, makeup and cleaning supplies. Her family also destroyed my apartment leaving stains on the carpet. But the most important thing that she stole was my medicine that I need to control my emphysema. I had to go through withdrawals without it for almost a week. Because of their stealing I have a very hard time trusting people now.

I felt very betrayed and hurt because of this. My daughter and I have gone through a lot trying to repair our relationship when her friend stole my things. I do not even like people in my house anymore because of this unfortunate event. Even though this unfortunate experience happened to me, I am now more aware of my surroundings and the signs that people are about to steal. It has helped me to become a more aware of possible criminal activities, and not to jump into things I am not so sure about so fast. I always make sure to watch who choose to associate with!

Copyright Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless Street Chronicle: October 2014 Cleveland, Ohio