After Being Robbed It is Hard to Feel Safe

by Raymond Jacobs

I lived on and off the streets since 1994, more on than off. Getting a job is hard for me because I am an ex-felon. Even though I haven’t committed a crime since 1968 finding a job is still difficult. At 66 years old, makes finding a job not easy. And losing sight in one of my eyes further complicates matters. It was two years ago this August. I got robbed in downtown Cleveland. I was getting ready to watch the filming of Spiderman that they were doing arround Public Square. When a guy bumped into me and said to give him my money. I said “f-you” and the next thing I know is my head is bleeding and we’re fighting. He had stabbed me in my eye socket just barely missing my eye ball. I had a hole in my eyelid and all he got away with was ten dollars and I ended up in the hospital. The police never caught the guy who stabbed and assaulted me, but I learned that if it can happen to me, a homeless man, it can happen to anybody.  

Since my robbery two years ago, there are more surveillance cameras. And downtown has become much safer, although I still don’t feel very safe when I go downtown. Public Square all the way to Chester is much safer because of all the cameras that have been installed. But no matter how many cameras there are, you always have to be aware of your surroundings because the cameras won’t protect you.  

Copyright NEOCH and Street Chronicle May 2013, Cleveland, Ohio