How Each Vendor Sells the Street Chronicle

By Buzzy

There are various approaches that each vendor uses to appeal to the customer. 

Vendor one (1) uses the semi-polite approach: Hey there, help the homeless.

Vendor two (2) uses the quiet approach: they barely utter a word, but it seems that the point comes across.

Vendor three (3) uses the semi-aggressive approach: just basically can you HELP the homeless.  Thank you and have a great day.

Vendor four (4) uses the polite approach: Hey there can you please help the homeless today.

Vendor five (5) uses the comedic approach: there is always something to make people laugh.  If you went to day school you have all day to read it.  If you went to night school you got all night to read it.  If you went to summer school you got all summer to read it.  If you didn’t go to school get someone to read “The Street Chronicle” formerly known as “The Grapevine” for you. 

Vendor six (6) uses the very subtle approach: If you can’t get one person going in get them coming out.

Vendor seven (7) uses the combination approach: penny, nickel, dime or a quarter for the Coalition for the Homeless.

Vendor eight (8)uses the very polite approach: hardly ever asking you to buy The Street Chronicle until they come out of the market place.  Good Morning or Good Afternoon, welcome to the Westside Market.  Help the homeless and

God Bless You, have a good day and drive safe.

Which ever approach the vendor uses helps to get the point across to the customer.  Someone should buy The Street Chronicle because it is informative, the poetry is good, and that each vendor is proud to represent The Street Chronicle.

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle Cleveland, Ohio January 2013