What Can We Do To Cut Down on the Violence in Our Society?

by Mike Owens

There was a story in the news lately about a couple who had a restaurant and they had a 5 year old child.  They did not have a babysitter for the 5 year old, instead they let the 5 year old play in the back of the restaurant while they worked.  One day they called the police to report that the child was missing.  They reported that the child had walked out of the back of the restaurant.  There was a heavily wooded area in the back.  The police began to search for the child.  Others in the community joined in the search.  They searched for over 24 hours and did not find the child or any sign that the child had gone out the back door and into the woods. 

The police continued to question the parents.  Finally after almost 2 days there was a break in the case.  The police found the body of the child hidden in the restaurant somewhere.  They said the body was concealed inside the restaurant.  A couple hours later, the parents were arrested for the death of their own child.  The mother admitted beating the 5 year old with her fists.  The father admitted finding the child and trying to give her CPR and he tried to revive her.  The child was already dead.  Apparently the parents conspired to hide the child and to lie to the police and say that the child was missing. 

I am very saddened about these parents that allegedly killed their daughter and put her in a walk in freezer.  It seemed to me that when they went to court they showed no remorse.  If they didn’t want her they should have given her up for adoption.  It is really sad that people who want a child can’t have any and some of the ones that have children either leave them in a dumpster or they kill them.  Some people don’t deserve children.  I can’t stand people who hurt children.  We need a strong foster care system that can prevent these deaths.  This is not a problem with poor children, but is a problem in our society.

God bless the children who have been hurt and that are in heaven.  I pray that whoever has a child and decides to keep the child doesn’t hurt them.  All a child wants is tender loving care and if you don’t want the child, give it up for adoption.   It would be better for the child to go to a better and loving home than to be left on the streets or end up getting killed or have to be raised by people who see them as a burden and don’t want them.  A lot of these children raised by parents who don’t love them wind up not having enough food to eat, are raised with violence and end up committing crimes and violence because they were not loved.  They don’t understand what it’s like to be loved and they act out because of it.     A child should not be brought into the world to be abused.  They deserve to be raised by loving parents and not to have to fear that they are going to be physically, emotionally or verbally abused every day.   

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle March 2017 Issue 24#1