Hard Time for All of Us at the West Side Market

by Tammy Hobbs

A year ago, when you walked into the West Side market, the business was booming! There were a lot of customers and a lot of happy vendors. The Street Chronicle was selling really well. There were a lot of people carrying bags of meat and produce. It looked like Christmas every day because everyone was happy and the place was bustling.

Things have changed. The business has been really slow at the West Side Market lately. Ever since they started fixing the parking lot, business has been declining for the vendors inside and out. Today, you see less people, less bags, empty booths where vendors used to be, and the vendors that are there now are experiencing less business.

My sales of the Street Chronicle have been declining.  I used to sell at least 30 or more papers in an hour, but now I am lucky if I can sell 5 papers in an hour! Business picked up a bit during Christmas, but now it has slowed down again. It has been really hard for the NEOCH vendors during this first of the year.

I am going through a lot in my personal life. I am getting ready to have a double hip replacement and my refrigerator went out on me. I lost all my food in my freezer. So every time I work, it helps me to be able to buy food for myself. I feel sorry for the vendors at the West Side Market.

The news is reporting that the business at the West Side Market has gone down 50% due to the construction of the parking lot. Please pray that the business picks back up for everyone. It has been a struggle with the lack of business and there is a lot of food that does not get sold. When there are no customers at the Market, then there is also no work for the Street Chronicle vendors.

I do have a blessing to report: One of my customers blessed me with a gift card for the holidays, so I was able to buy food for my family and actually put Christmas Dinner on the table. This was a nice surprise and I want her to know how thankful I am for her generosity.

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle March 2017 Issue 24 #1