The Neighborhood is Changing and Stressful

by Mike Owens

Our neighborhood has always been nice and peaceful.  It’s been a great place to live.  All the neighbors know and enjoy each other.  For the last few years there have been problems that always point back to the same woman.  The problems which have plagued our nice quiet neighborhood have slowly escalated.

We have a neighbor who thinks she is the queen of our street.  She took over our Community Garden.  She threatened a neighbor with a garden hoe and calls them names.  We have gotten together to discuss this and we all wish she would move out of our neighborhood. A lot of our neighbors have moved out of the neighborhood because of her.  

She has a special hatred for homeless people who walk up and down our street.  They come down the street and ask for food or for something to eat.  She tells them she can’t do it.  She says she has no food to give them.  She has called the police on the homeless individuals who are trying to find some food.  She wants to get them in trouble.

She called the housing inspector on a neighbor who bought the house next door to me. She even called the city on me because our grass wasn’t cut yet. You can’t even play your music during the day without her calling the police on you. She is known as the neighborhood troublemaker.  She only cares about herself.  She has no compassion for people.

She loves causing problems for everyone.  We got together and started a petition signed by 35-40 of our neighbors.  This woman is helped by a rental voucher and we would love to have her move so we can have our nice quiet fun neighborhood back.   The petition was taken down to the courthouse to see if there is anything that can be done about getting this woman out of our neighborhood.  She has turned a nice quiet neighborhood into a place where we have learned to expect trouble. 

She recently called the police four times, in one day, on a resident when they were having an anniversary party and they were playing music.  The police had to come out all 4 times.  This woman meddles in everyone’s business.

I wish she would change and not be so hateful.  I just wish we could all get along.

God bless everyone!

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle September 2016 Issue 23.3 Cleveland Ohio