The Future of America is in Our Hands

By Raymond Jacobs

Over 9 million soldiers and over 7 million civilians died in World War I. World War II was even deadlier. There was atomic bomb dropped and the Holocaust exterminated 6 million Jews. Innocent people including women and children lost their lives. A lot of soldiers lost their lives in the Korean War. To this day the number of lost lives is still unknown and there was never a peace treaty. In the Vietnam war 58,220 American soldiers lost their lives. Which person is going to get us into a war always has to be the consideration when casting a vote .

The Gulf War was a war started by George Bush, the father. The Afghanistan war and the Iraq war were started by George Bush, the son. Both Georges are a part of the Republican Party and were war presidents by choice. I believe that one of the current candidates running for President would take us into a war again. I believe that if elected this candidate would be another war president; so get ready for World War III. Do we really need another war?

During the upcoming election it is important that everyone get out there and vote. Don’t just vote for the president, vote for the other seats too. If you are black, poor, elderly, disabled, a woman, Jewish, Homosexual etc... go out and vote for the candidate who will support your values. We need as many thoughtful, peaceful and intelligent people in office that we can find. We don’t need candidates who appeal to racists and those voting out of fear. In my opinion, if you get the support of the Aryan Brotherhood and the KKK you are not qualified to be President.

There are a lot of people who are saying vote for the lesser of the two evils. I think it is pretty obvious. This election day go out and vote. No matter who you vote for, your vote matters.

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle September 2016 Issue 23.3 Cleveland, Ohio.