More Health Issues for a Street Newspaper Vendor

By Artie Price Jr.

I went to the hospital a few weeks ago to have kidney stones removed. Afterwards, they told me that I had cancer of the kidney!

I have to go for treatments for the cancer…chemo!  My dad had prostate cancer. My mom had cancer, too. I think it’s hereditary. One of my brothers-in-law has cancer, too.

At first, I was depressed. I was not myself. I’d eat, but I’d lose weight!  All I’d do is just walk around, or have to go to the hospital. The doctors think it’s all in my mind, but it’s not.

I felt like I wanted to give my life up, but I believe in God. I went to a church service at West Side Catholic Center on Sunday. My sister was there. The minister cradled me.

I feel so stressed! Sometimes, I feel so stressed, I feel like I’m having a heart attack! But that’s not what it is. It’s just the devil working on my mind. We all get sick, you know.

I haven’t been able to work lately, selling the Street Chronicle at the West Side Market, because I haven’t been able to attend the vendor meetings.  Selling the paper makes me feel good. It gets me out of the house, and around people. Selling the paper helps the homeless people and that makes me feel good.

A lot of people think there isn’t a God, but there is.  If not for Him, we wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be here. I’m healed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle September 2016 Issue 23.3 Cleveland, Ohio.