I’ve Had a Bad Summer in 2016

By Tammy Hobbs

 I haven’t been able to enjoy my summer this year I’ve missed all the things that I do every summer like swimming, Cedar Point, the Zoo, carnivals, and camping.

I haven’t been able to do nothing, because I have to have a double hip Replacement.

Now I have bruised my ribs, and now I can’t enjoy the summer like I have done in the past. I can’t wait until next summer, because I am going to have a good summer. I will have both of my hips replaced. I have never had to spend a summer in the house, not being able to enjoy myself. I am so excited to have my surgery done so I can go on and enjoy my summer next year. But until then I’m house bound…

       See ya’ll next summer.

I will be able to go swimming, camping, fishing, amusement parks, Cedar Point.

I am thankful for my life and I am thankful to be alive, don’t get me wrong. But not to be able to enjoy my summer was a big letdown. So I will really be looking toward to next summer.

Everyone enjoy the rest of the year, because snow will be here soon.

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