I Love MetroHealth Hospital and They Have Treated Me Well

by Elizabeth Victor

I first ended up at Metro Hospital when I broke my hip in 1990.  I went to another hospital first and they told me I just had some cuts and bruises, but then I went to Metro and they were honest with me and told me that my hip was broken.  I was in a full lower body cast and couldn’t walk or wash myself.  My family used to bug me about it, but they were very helpful and my brother even took me to the zoo. Metro helped me figure out how to pay for the surgery, and helped me with therapy after the surgery to teach me how to walk again.

Go to Metro on Broadway they will do anything for you if you need help.  I have more treatments coming this summer.  I have emphysema, came from smoking too many cigarettes. I was with them 26 years, they fixed my hip, they gave me a boot lift, and they will give me a lift on my shoes soon if I bring them a pair.  Please go to Metro Hospital when you need help, they will help you and they will give a ride to and from the hospital if you need. 

I’ve got a possible death coming up soon, my Aunt Dede is in the last stages of cancer.  They don’t know if she will make it or not.  Her next birthday is July 4th; she’ll be turning 70.  Please pray for me and her.  I love you Aunt Dede.  Love Bambam.

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle April 2016 Issue 23.2 Cleveland Ohio