Changing of the Guard in the White House

Commentary by Buzzy

 Ladies, and Gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all ages. The die has been cast, the opponents have been chosen, and the fight has begun. Yes we are talking about the fight for the White House.

The one who coined the phrase, “I am the Greatest,” will not be around to see the outcome of this Heavyweight fight. It will probably have as many punches thrown as in the ‘Thrilla in Manila’ or the ‘Rumble in the Jungle.’ But in the end, whether it will be the rope-a-dope, fancy footwork that gets the job done, or who comes up with the fancy words, rest assured we will see the Best and the Worst from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I happen to be writing this before the RNC or the DNC so I don’t know who their running mates will be, but they will, to my estimation, be someone who can offset both their negative qualities. I don’t know at this moment if the public wants to create history again by electing Hillary as President or electing Donald. Because it’s time for the ‘Changing of the Guard’ in the White House politically, I for one want to inject my two cents here.

I wonder if we’ll see a lot of people going up to Canada, down to Mexico, or whatever? Will there be as many women, or other groups, vying to enlist into service if it was mandatory? What will the ‘Changing of the Guard’ mean to American as a whole? We know both Hillary and Donald are going to promise us the world, but which one will give something instead of nothing?

We must know, as voters, that politicians are all about being magicians, con-men, illusionists. The question is - who do we most want to get the job done for the majority of America and keep to everyone happy, because once they get in, they’re hard to get out, and we’ll have to live with all their decisions, good or bad, until the next ‘Changing of the Guard.’

Or we as American and voters can make history by voting a candidate from the Green Party or the Libertarian Party. I know that the debates are heating up that Hillary and Donald haven’t chosen their running mates, but they are at each other throats finding any and everything to persuade us voters that they are the right candidate. Right now I am on the fence like most all voters in America. We’re “Damned if we do, and Damned if we don’t,” but we still must make a choice. This will probably be one of the most meaningful elections you will participate in as a voter. Whether it will be a Reality Broken depends on whose line you’re Firing from. What a choice, but one we will have to make!

I hope to speak to you again, after both conventions are over, running mates have been chosen, and polls have been taken and closed across the country. But until then, enjoy the festivities. We are in for some ups and downs in this Presidential Campaign. Whether it will be the polished machine of the Clintons, or the business savvy of Trump, there will be a ‘Changing of the Guard’ in America. God Bless us all and God Bless the United States of America!

Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle April 2016 in Issue #23.2