Vendor Talks About Good Experiences at MetroHealth

By Elizabeth Victor

I love MetroHealth Hospital on W 25th Street in Cleveland on the west side.  I love Metro because there are always nice to me.  I go there a lot and they help me with my medical problems.  I have been going there for 15 years now and only have good experiences.  I have always been treated well when I go there.

The doctors are nice and they will do anything to help you.  I get tests done and they give me the results and I can trust the doctors there with my health.   I go there and get my therapy and I have always had a great experience.  They helped me to get a boot to help with my flat feet so that I don’t lose my balance.  They are also helping me to get a lift built into my tennis shoes. 

In 1991, I had surgery done there and I would recommend this hospital to anyone who has health issues.

The hospital works well with all people regardless of whether they have money to pay or not.  The case workers will help you to get signed up for Medicaid insurance so that you will have medical coverage if you are poor.   There are many different Medicaid programs that you can choose from. The case workers will help you to sign up for free.  They will then give you a call and let you know if you qualify. 

They will help you if you need counselors to talk to you.  They will help you to get handicapped parking permits and they will help you with transportation services. They have vans that come and pick you up and take you home too. I would highly recommend this hospital and their doctors to anyone in need of medical services.

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