Homeless People in Denver

By Bobbette Robinson

Homeless people begin to return to their camps after police and the City of Denver made them move.  This happened in March, 2016.  Denver has a law that says that sheltering, by having a camp on public property, is not allowed. 

The city put up flyers on a Monday that said if the homeless people’s belongings were not gone in 24 hours, the city was going to store the people’s belongings for 3 months and they could be claimed from the Dept. of Human Services.  If no one came to claim them, the city was going to destroy the articles.  On Tuesday, the police came in and gave verbal warning to the homeless.  Protesters were there as the city removed the items belonging to the homeless.

The city of Denver said the camp had grown so large that they were concerned about health and safety.  The city said it was a public health safety hazard as the homeless camps blocked public space.   They said they wanted to make it safe for the people in the area.  Protesters began to visit the site.  Their signs said “Criminalize Poverty?  Wrong Priority!”

Some of the homeless people found new shelter within a few blocks, and some returned to the same area. 

In my opinion, the city should have helped the homeless people find shelter instead of removing their belongings. The city should do more for the homeless people in the Denver area to help keeping them from being on the streets.  The city should help these people find shelter and housing.  Moving them from one area to another outside is not helping.  Helping them find long term solutions to their homelessness is a better way to handle this.

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