Violence In the Shelters and Meal Programs

By Artie

At St. Monica’s they had a guy who got stabbed in the neck.  They need more security. They need more shelters and healthcare for homeless people in our community so that these problems would not happen.  People need psychiatrists or some professionals to talk through their problems.   A couple of years ago there was a guy at the bus station, he said he’d been in Iraq, when really, he was a crack head.  There are a lot of scammers trying to get money that need help with their addictions.

I lost my mom recently. I have had some hard times over the last few years.  God will take care of it. At the church I go to, they started a homeless food bank. I’ve volunteered there and it helps people out. Things would be better if we all had God in our hearts.

It’s shame that these boys come home from the wars and they are sleeping on the streets.

The Chronicle does a lot of work to help people out.  I really like being a part of the paper.  It’s not worth getting stressed out about everything.  Stress will kill you.  

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