I carry a copy of the Lord’ Prayer

By Bobbette Robinson

I carry a copy of the Lord’ Prayer close to my heart and recite it as a prayer for all the homeless people.  When I say the Lord’s Prayer, I think about the large number of homeless people sleeping on streets. I’m trying to reach out to get help for homeless people; there’s not enough out there. We need more prayers for homeless people. I picked the Lord’s Prayer because Christ was born homeless.

There are people sleeping in doorways and on the streets, and that isn’t safe. Together as a city we should get more shelters for people and also provide people with something to do. Some people are on the streets because of addiction, and we need to get them help.  I see some homeless people in casinos who know they should be using all their money for housing. We have to help people with addictions overcome their addictions so it doesn’t ruin their life.

I need help with reaching out to people who need help. Some people who live in shelter have income, and for people who get income, there should be a limit to how long they can stay at a shelter. There are people with no income who need the shelter more.  We need more people to reach out to homeless people, and we need social workers to come out and get the people with income together to get them housing.  [Editor’s Note:  This is the opinion of the author and not NEOCH, the publisher of the Street Chronicle.  We believe that shelters should not have time limits and that anyone who requests help should be offered at least a shelter bed. We believe that offering everyone help will yield better results than time limits on shelters and making people homeless if they stay too long at a shelter.]

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