Holidays Inside, Celebrating in My Apartment

By Buzzy

Every since I’ve been off the streets and enjoying my apartment, I’ve learned to appreciate the holidays a little bit more. Let’s begin with New Year’s with all of its resolutions and making sure that this year is better than the last. Then there’s Martin Luther King Day where we celebrate the birthday of a man who did so much for the betterment of the African American as well as other minorities who had their civil rights violated. As we move into February there’s Valentine’s Day, the day for lover’s sharing, their love for each other with candy and flowers.

Unfortunate, for March is not big on holidays. So we move on to April and Easter. The day our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was Crucified for our sins. Whether you are a believer or not, He has played an enormous influence in the lives of millions, me included. Now we’re on to May, where we remember the death of soldiers on Memorial Day. Not just the soldiers who have given their lives for this wonderful Nation, but our loved ones as well. All are remembered. June only has once momentous occasion. The beginning of summer and school is out. Who is the happier the children or adults?

Now we’re more than half-way to the end of the year, here comes July and Independence Day. The day our nation began on its road to becoming the greatest nation on earth. With all our positives and negative attributes, more people are still rushing to get to these United States rather than leaving it. August has been left out the holiday month, but I celebrate it because yours truly was brought into this world to bring happiness joy to all I meet. Now, we are winding down Spring, Summer, and now Fall is upon us. Good old September--back to school and Labor Day. The day those of us who labor hard for family and self can relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Yet some of us still have to work!!

In October when the leaves are falling, there are two holidays.  One is mainly for the women which is Sweetest Day. The day we shower our women with chocolates so they can put on a few sweet pounds!! Then Halloween, the ghouls and goblins day. The day when the freaks and geeks come out to scare and make people laugh. While the children are enjoying dressing up in all kind of costumes, the treats they get going door to door are a bonus. I think that the adults enjoy all the tricks. Here it is November again time to give thanks at Thanksgiving, for all the things we are thankful for. Now we have finally made it back to Christmas to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ. Although we have greatly changed the real meaning of Christmas by commercializing it, I still think it is a good time to give over receiving.

The reason I wrote about these holidays is to explain the meaning they have to a person who is on the streets homeless and people who live in a home. The only real difference is people on the streets don’t really care about holidays that.  People living in the shelters or on the streets don’t celebrate much--just living day to day. So as these holidays pass you by this coming year remember the homeless and show them some support throughout 2014.  

Thank you for your support and for buying the STREET CHRONICLE.  God bless you keep the faith, and have a safe and prosperous year!! 

Copyright Street Chronicle/NEOCH FEBRUARY 2014 Cleveland OHIO