The West Side Market is My Past, Present and Future

By Lucille Egan

Come one, come all, to the reopening of the West Side Market. Meet your friends and vendors and stroll down memory lane. I myself grew up down the street from the West Side Market. At age 12, I walked up to the West Side Market to get a job. To my surprise, I got a job stringing peas. As I got older I sold produce, flowers and ventured out into the world.

I worked as a professional waitress. I worked at the big hotels in downtown Cleveland. I worked at the Cleveland Hotel, Stouffer’s Hotel and the Marriott. I worked at the Gund Arena and at Jacob’s Field. I also worked at the racetrack at Northfield Park. As you can see, I’ve worked with the public all my life and here I am selling the Cleveland Street Chronicle after 74 years to make ends meet.

I am 86 and this is my past, present and future at the West Side Market. This is very gratifying that I am helping to spread information about homeless people and the shelters.  I still shop at the West Side Market and I still live down the street. I enjoy seeing all the beautiful children. They are so amusing. Until we meet again, God Bless all of you. Thank you for your concerns for the homeless and your support.

 Copyright Cleveland Street Chronicle August 2013 Cleveland, Ohio