Vendor Loves Selling the Helpful Paper

 By Bobbette Robinson

      Hello my name is Bobbette Robinson.  I’m a vendor for the homeless street newspaper, the Cleveland Street Chronicle. The paper takes a look at homelessness and the issues that contribute to creating this condition. Most often the articles are written from the vendor’s point of view; many of whom have first hand knowledge of homelessness because of their personal experiences. The paper also provides information to help those living on the street to where they can go to receive food and shelter.

      As a vendor I want to share my story. At one time, I too was homeless and the information listed in the paper was very helpful in helping me to change my life’s circumstance and existing situation. Today, I support the fight to end homelessness by selling the paper. I would also like to thank the many supports that purchase the paper, because it continues to provide some stability for me and the many other people experiencing homelessness.

      We have food pantries all over Cleveland and they can help with food and clothing--all you need is a State ID and proof of income. There is one on East 88th and Broadway and another on East 49th and Broadway. If you need more help, call First Call for Help at 211 or 216/ 436-2000.

      I feel blessed to be a part of the Cleveland Street Chronicle and I will try hard to please the people that love and read the Chronicle. I will always love the Chronicle whether I’m a vendor or not.

 Copyright Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless Cleveland Street Chronicle #19.1  May 2012