Research and Statistics

NEOCH collects research and statistics on the homeless crisis in Cleveland and Ohio. 

Information Blog Archive

NEOCH collates a fair deal of statistics and research in our information blog. Our archive of all the posts is located here.

State of Homelessness Executive Summary

Food Stamp Usage by Homeless People

Survey Results of Residents at 2100 Lakeside Men's Shelter Cleveland Ohio



Cleveland Schools Homeless Children and Youth

Downtown Homeless Population 

Every year, NEOCH counts the number of people who sleep in Central Business District out to East 20th St.

211 First Call for Help

These are the number of calls seeking assistance in Cuyahoga County to 211 United Way's First Call for Help line.


Overall Poverty/Homelessness Numbers of Homeless

These are overall numbers on homelessness for Ohio based on US Census figures

Poorest Cities in the United States 

Poverty in ohio counties

Cuyahoga County Shelter Statistics

These are stats from the Office of Homeless Services based on Homeless Management Information submitted from a majority of the shelters.

Cuyahoga County Overflow Shelter Statistics 2007

This is an overview of the funding spent on overflow shelters.  In Cuyahoga County, we do not turn people away when they request shelter.  This is a look at the cost of guaranteed access to shelter by Cuyahoga County.  After 2006, the funding was not segregated out of the contract to be easily compared to previous years.

Domestic Violence In Ohio

Number of Beds, Population and numbers of victims of Domestic Violence 2014

Poverty and Public Benefits

These are stats from The Center for Community Solutions about the state of poverty and the distribution of public benefits in Ohio. 

How Does Ohio Rank Compared to Other States?

These are the State of Ohio Rankings from various sources in the area of poverty, income, education and health care.