What we do

NEOCH approaches the issue of homelessness holistically, but in line with our mission statement, we break down our programming into 3 categories: Organizing and Empowering, Educating and Advocating, and Creating Nurturing Environments.


Organizing and Empowering

NEOCH works to raise the homeless voice in order to give people experiencing homelessness the power to advocate for the kinds of changes they would like to see.  We do this in several ways: organizing monthly Homeless Congress meetings, publishing the Cleveland Street Chronicle, and registering homeless citizens to vote.


Education and Advocacy

We practice a multifaceted advocacy approach that centers on relationship building. However when dialogue breaks down, we are also willing to put pressure on agencies, government officials, and companies through the media, street protests, direct actions, and legal means. NEOCH also seeks to educates about housing issues through our Street Voices program and Housing 101 workshops.

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Creating nurturing environments

NEOCH works to ensure that people experiencing homelessness have access to nurturing spaces. We work to improve the conditions of people experiencing homelessness through our Outreach Collaborative and our Shelter Advocacy. We also try to ease access to a home through advocating for policies, leading Cuyahoga Affordable Housing Alliance, running HousingCleveland.com, and more.