Sleeping Downtown Cleveland 2014

These are the number of homeless people sleeping outside during our annual Thanksgiving weekend count. We survey everyone sleeping outside between West 6th St. and East 20th St. between the Lake and Carnegie Ave. We estimate that this is a good baseline number as the smallest number over the coming year. We began measuring the number sleeping outside as a result of the Michael R. White Administration yearly attacks on homeless people during the start of the holiday shopping season. This does not define the number sleeping outside, but is a good indicator of the trends. Prepared by the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless

Why continued to remain steady in 2014:

  • Better coordination of outreach teams to see all those who live outside.  There are now more outreach workers outside.
  • Most people have moved to other parts of the community, because the food has relocated.
  • The Downtown cleaning crew starts early in the morning vacuuming the sidewalks.
  • There is now a centralized intake which does not permit shelters to restrict access to the "hardest to serve" and does not allow immediate discharges from shelters to the streets.
  • Cleveland has developed 560 units of Permanent Supportive Housing and has made an effort to get people who sleep outside into those new apartments.  
  • Cuyahoga County has funded an overnight drop in called the Metanoia Project at St. Malachi for the winters which diverts people from sleeping outside.