Number "Diverted" From Shelter in 2014

These are the number of individuals seen by the Cleveland Mediation Center (CMC) in 2014.  These come from the Cleveland Mediation Center report to the Office of Homeless Services presentation on 6/25/2015.  The top graph are the number of people diverted from the women's shelter (single women) and families in our community.  The bottom graph are the single men who stayed at 2100 Lakeside shelter in Cleveland.  For clarity diversion means that the individual came to the central intake site asking for shelter, and CMC staff found some other place for the individual back in the community.  These are individuals who are placed back with parents or friends until a space opens.  Some people get an eviction notice and do not realize that they do not have to leave immediately or have a fight with a roommate and leave their housing immediately.  These individuals are sometimes diverted back to their residence.