Loss of Medicaid Dollars and Uncovered Fragile Populations

States, largely for political reasons are refusing to participate in Medicaid Expansion.  There are a few states which were not included in the report because they are trying limited expansion. The loss of funds is from the Commonwealth Fund. Both the Kaiser Family Fund and Pew Charitable Trust both list Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Indiana, and Tennessee as unlikely to expand Medicaid. These are from 2012 to 2022.   The other list is the number of people who have a Serious Mental Health and Substance Abuse who would be eligible Coverage.  The American Mental Health Counselors Association compiled these figures.   This report was published in February 2014.   We have updated this in April 2014.

A state-by-state breakdown               Number of Mentally Ill/Substance Abuser eligible for Coverage

Alabama:-$943,000,000                     177,000

Alaska:-$229,000,000                         25,000

Florida:-$5,038,000,000                     535,000

Georgia:-$2,862,000,000                   233,000

Idaho:-$297,000,000                         58,000

Indiana  -$2,044,000,000                   247,000

Kansas:-$950,000,000                       52,000

Louisiana:-$1,655,000,000                 163,000

Maine:-$294,000,000                          21,000

Mississippi:-$431,000,000                  104,000

Montana  -$196,000                              29,000

Nebraska:-$738,000,000                    42,000

North Carolina:-$2,591,000,000          189,000

Oklahoma:-$1,264,000,000                 113,000

South Carolina:-$807,000,000             192,000

South Dakota:-$224,000,000               13,000

Tennessee    -$2,111,000,000                191,000

Texas:-$9,217,000,000                        652,000

Virginia:-$2,839,000,000                     178,000

Wisconsin:-$1,848,000,000                 88,000

Wyoming:-$166,000,000                     10,000

Other states that currently have not expanded Medicaid and it is in some dispute if they will in the future.

Missouri: -$2,249,000,000                    101,000

Pennsylvania  -$4,780,000,000             203,000

Utah: -$719,000,000                            54,000

Total:                                                      3,680,000 million could access Medicaid with their serious mental illness or substance abuse issue, but their home state has declined to expand Medicaid.

Updates April 2014:  New Hampshire has come around and implemented Medicaid expansion