Housing Voucher Does Not Always Lead to Mobility

We need a County Wide Rule that Landlords Cannot Discriminate Based on Source of Income.  This would prevent landlords from saying "No Section 8" when interviewing potential tenants.  It is a fair housing problem for people being able to move out of of high poverty areas. This comes from the report "Housing Voucher Mobility in Cuyahoga County" published February 2016 by the Housing Research and Advocacy Center authors Lenore Healy and Michael Lepley.  Thanks for the presentation at the last CAHA meeting.

All the red dots are voucher holders and you see that they are in areas of higher poverty in Cuyahoga County.

These red dots show that voucher holders live in areas where higher minority populations live.  This is the opposite of the goals of the Fair Housing Laws which were to attempt to decrease poverty through integration and breaking down the red lines being drawn to keep minority populations poor.

Here is a map of where the jobs are locally and then the other areas where Housing Choice Voucher holders live.  From this graph, you see that jobs are not present in the areas in which voucher holders are forced to live.

Thanks to the Housing Center for compiling all this data.