Geographical Distribution of Violence Against Homeless

Over the past 17 years, Ohio has experienced some of the highest levels of violence against people experiencing homelessness, with 85 documented incidents of hate crimes. Over the 17-year span, Ohio had the 4th highest number of incidents in the country, behind only California, Florida, and Texas. The rate of incidents in Ohio seems to have slowed in 2014-2015, during which time Ohio had the 10th highest amount. In this two year period, Ohio had 5 documented hate crimes against homeless individuals, including 1 fatal attack. In total, there have been at least 1,657 incidents throughout the country in the last 17 years, 428 of which were fatal. It is also important to note that attacks against homeless incidents often are forgotten or unreported, so the actual numbers may be much higher than these. 

Source: National Coalition for the Homeless 2016 Report No Safe Street