NEOCH Annual Report Posted

Check out what people are saying about NEOCH:

Shari: I like Street Voices because it dispels the stereotypes about what a homeless person looks like and makes people aware of homelessness.

Mike: I like the Chronicle because it helps people who need to make extra money or who are on disability make ends meet without having to panhandle.

Mike G: Coordination of Outreach has led to more professional workers making a difference to homeless population. Having Denise, Jim and Tyrone to contact on the streets is a big plus.

Joe: The Hand Up Gala was great.  I loved the meal and the fellowship.  And I liked being served by a Councilman.

Dee: I loved the donations of boots and the warm items for the winter.  It was a kind gesture.  It made me feel like I could make it through the winter.

Check out the full Annual Report on our website.  It has the list of board members and the financial overview for 2014 along with the award winners.

Brian Davis

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