Homeless in Cleveland


Average Demographic of people using shelter every night
Based on statistics collected and extrapolated by the Cleveland/Cuyahoga Office of Homeless Services

There are approximately 2,000 using the shelters every night, which includes both emergency shelters and transitional facilities.

Homeless Persons in Families   14%

Homeless Single Adult    85%

Adult Male Population     62%

Adult Female Population    21%

Children Population     15%

Homeless Population 0-18 years old   15%

Homeless Population 31-50 year old   56%

Homeless Population Age 51-61 years old  11%

Homeless Population 62 and over   1%

African American Homeless Population  65%

Caucasian/Non-Hispanic Homeless Population 26%

Hispanic Homeless Population   5%

Average nights of stay for men

1 to 7 nights in shelter     53%

8 to 30 nights of shelter    38%

31-60 nights of shelter    8%

Average nights of stay for women

1 to 7 nights in shelter     24%

8 to 30 nights of shelter    27%

31-60 nights of shelter    9%

61-90 nights of shelter    40%

These statistics are based on submissions to the Office of Homeless Services--Homeless Management Information System. Figures are based on the 2005 study released in September 2005 by the Office of Homeless Services. These represent the typical night in Cleveland/Cuyahoga County and show a disproportionate number of single adults because of the large number of shelter beds in the community for single adults. Some of the largest shelter data is currently not compatible with the County System. The statistics from some of the largest facilities in the community like 2100 Lakeside are extrapolations based on their internal shelter counts into the HMIS system. Since there are no facilities outside Cleveland, the County statistics mirror the city statistics. 

Prepared by the Cleveland/County Office of Homeless Services.